Rabu, 19 November 2008

final and winners Biggest Firesale

Vince Tan memberikan kabar kepadaku....hehehe...nih beritanya

The BiggestFiresale.com will launch in 1.5 hours time
at 8 AM EST and here are the results of the guessing

The final price of the value for the entire Biggest
Firesale contributed product is $9,908.40

Here's the name and their partial email in bracket.

Maap (parth***)
Liu (fengz***)
Rudikuswanto (erkoes***)
Rudy Suryanto (rsrud***)
Candice (stuckon***)
Art (artwet***)
Bowi (cool_b***)
Mikah (michae***)
Prasad (prasad***)
Mark (runit***)

Congratulations to all the winners.
Results are final and winners has been contacted.
If not please email to support@biggestfiresale.com

So now everyone else please pay attention to
BiggestFiresale.com when it goes live on 8AM EST today.

Vincen Tan

There are lots of great bonuses for quick action takers.
Most importantly, it has over $9,900 PAID products for
1 VERY LOW price. There will not be another chance
like this anytime soon.

So here's the link you need to go:klik here

Get ready as it will be huge and you will want to get it
at the lowest price.

Have a great day!

Warm regards,
Vince Tan

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  1. maksudnya anda bakal dapet duit gitu

  2. gak ngerti nih,mang?
    apa jar kisahnya tuh:)